Why Square Dance?

Thinking you would like to give Square Dancing a try?

Please consider the following (8) Good Reasons:

  • Experience the GOOD ACTIVE FUN in a NON-COMPETITIVE activity.
  • Meet neighbors, family members and NEW FRIENDS in a friendly setting.
  • Enjoy spirited LIVELY MUSIC that will get you stepping.
  • Gets you moving for some aerobic EXERCISE without really trying.
  • Adds 10 years to your Life Span by improving you HEALTH and MIND.
  • Simply focus on the dance and you will forget your STRESSES of the DAY.
  • Thinking about life after RETIREMENT? You can square dance all across the country & many parts of the World!
  • Meet some of the Friendliest and Fun loving PEOPLE by the Square Dance Activity!

        Come and Experience just how square dancing can meet your goals of an Active Life Style.

Hebron Elementary School Cafeteria (307 S. Main) this fall starting Monday night

Open House: September 23 & 30, 2019 7:00 - 9:00 PM.   Dress casually & be prepared to have a lot of FUN!

  • CONTACT:  Larry or Rose @ (219) 921-1196